Todd Matheson web dev blog


Welcome to M0Nk3y WebDev, featuring tutorials and tricks I picked up on my journey towards full stack awesomeness!! Honestly, the reason why I created this blog was for the development experiance. Call me a emoji-neckbeard but I enjoy challenging myself, and finding new ways to improve my development skills. After putting some thought into what kind of content I’d write about, I realized I had an opportunity to document some of the knowledge I’m gaining and write about the stuff I’m learning along the way. Not only will that help solidify the new and fresh, but equally important, it’s a great opportunity to pass some of it on. That’s the idea, anyways, but enough rambling about this stupid blog lols.

My name is Todd Matheson. I’m a 32 year old aspiring front-end / full-stack web developer born and raised in the Bay Area, California. I always loved messing around with computers and seeing how much I could instruct them to do whatever I wanted. For a little over a decade, I worked as a carpenter emoji-hammer but I started to feel like something was missing in life. After contemplating on my past, present and future, I decided to drop everything and go full force towards a completelely new direction. Whoever said, “do what you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” is a genius and I’m basing my future happiness on that simple statement. I Hope you enjoy my site and learn something new.

Features built into this blog:

  • Posts written in Markdown
  • CSS (styled-jsx & PostCSS)
  • SEO (sitemap generation, robot.txt, meta & OpenGraph tags)
  • Social sharing (Twitter, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn)
  • Facebook Comments
  • Lazy loaded img’s (gatsby-image)
  • Post categories
  • Algolia search
  • Netlify deployment & form handling
  • RSS feed
  • PWA (manifest.webmanifest, offline support, favicons)
  • Google Analytics
  • Favicons script generator
  • Easy customizable base styles via theme object generated from yaml config
  • React v.16 (gatsby-plugin-react-next)
  • Components lazy loadedbbr
  • ESLint google config
  • Prettier code styling
  • Webpack (BundleAnalyzerPlugin)